Miraflor Finca Rosullta - Green Coffee

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It is our honor to bring to you the SRCC integrated and sourced coffee, Finca Rosullta.

Located north of Nicaragua’s capital of Managua, in the Esteli Department, Miraflor is a 254 square kilometer National Preserve. The Miraflor Reserve is made of three climate zones: dry lower area, intermediate and humid, as well as a predominant cold forest. Our unique coffee is grown in the high mountains at 1200 meters (3,900 ft) and above creating a wonderful growing environment for coffee. The cold forest zone is one of the richest in orchids; there are more than 200 species and the most common is the national flower of Costa Rica, which is the Catteleya Skinniri.

Our farmers propagate the varietal seedlings, nurse them and plant them in different plots at varying elevations on the farm. The Single Origin Finca Rosullta Coffee achieves a consistently uniform cup with chocolate, hazelnut and floral aromas. In the cup, it translates to flavors of sweet nougat, milk chocolate and hints of lavender paired with a substantial body.